Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed
Hanácký ráj
Established 1997 . Reg. No. 466/97
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Our Breed about:

We have been breeding Cavaliers from 1995. The breed is registered from 1997. Nowadays there is 7 permanent members in our dog company and 1 is in jointownership.


We breed our dogs pure in flat so that they spend with us all the time day and night. It is the advantage that we are the housekeepers and so our dogs have permanent entrance to the garden.
In spite of that we go for a walk very often with our dogs to have sufficient exercise what is very important regarding their and even our health. Our effort is to breed the highest quality dogs with excellent condition and health. Of course the best aimed choice for liaison is common.With respect to a fact that we don´t have noble breed but the small group of quality individuals, the careful choice of future parents is neccessary.We care about dogs standard at full blast as well as appropriate character that is influenced partly geneticaly and partly by the way of breeding. Breeds are based not only on the choice of pedigrees quality but first of all on high quality bitches. Breeding experience confirm that mother gives to her descendants more attributes, than father.

Dog Shows Activities

Participation in dog shows is the common part of our breeding activities. We attend regularly dog shows in Czech Republic and Slovakia. At intervals we go abroad (Germany, Poland).
Dog estimation by qualified reviewer and the comparison with other dogs of the same breed brings valuable information for breeders because of getting information about qualities and imperfections of dog exterior and behaviour.
Thanks to the credit of the Club of Cavalier and King Ch. S., we are members of , prestigious reviewers from abroad are invited to club and special shows (e. g. from England, Switzerland, Finland, etc.)